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My goal is to help dogs thrive! I discoved my passion for training dogs when I rescued my first shepherd mix, Roxy. She was afraid of other dogs and had severe leash reactivity. I brought her to a trainer, but we were turned away. I decided to work with her on my own and began studying canine behavior. With a lot of patience and dedication we were able to work past those issues and build her confidence. She became one of my "best dogs ever!" I continued learning and received my certification as a Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Consultant. I started a German Shepherd rescue and foster program where I took in shepherds of all ages with various behavioral issues. I've had great success with behavior modification and counter conditioning in difficult dogs. I use balanced and modern techniques, including LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) and implement positive, reward-based programs. I specialize in socialization, obedience and farm exposure. I also offer puppy classes, help with fear and anxiety and reactive-dog behavior modification.


• One-on-one raining sessions starting at $50 per hour

• In-home training sessions starting at $80 per 1 hour session plus $25 per additional 30 minutes 

• Reactive dog behavior modification $100 per hour, $50 per additional 30 minutes 

• Half day daycare (4 hours) with an hour of one-on-one training $70 (For daycare approved dogs only)

• Full day daycare with 1.5 hours of one-on-one training $90 (For daycare approved dogs only)

• Board and train starting at $110 per night, $700 per week

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