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We offer a unique off-leash experience on our fenced 10 acres. We are licensed, insured, experienced and certified in canine CPR & First Aid. We provide structured play, enrichment games and lots of basic training disguised as play. It's a great opportunity for safe socialization! We have vast, secure play and exercise areas with plenty of toys and 24/7 supervision. We have doggy caves, kiddie pools, misters, climate controlled indoor areas and plenty of shade to nap under.

Dropoff and pickup hours are between 8AM and 6PM.

To book with us, please give us a call at 509-261-1274


• Meet and greet with evaluation available upon request. $50 for 30 minutes. Dog must be up-to-date on health requirements prior to arrival

• $30 per day 

• 50% discount on additional dogs

• In-town transportation offered Wednesdays and Fridays for $5 per way

• Early dropoff $5 service fee plus $3 per hour 

• Late pickup $5 service fee plus $3 per hour 

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